Zac Zetterberg
March 2012
New Times Review : "Art Finds Its Scientific Roots at Xavier College Prep"
By: Tricia Parker

Zetterberg's paintings and drawings work in a different way. Not much to see here, I thought as I walked into this tiny square gallery. An hour later, I still was studying Zetterberg's 10 gold and graphite drawings. We're not really sure what we're looking at, and titles like Big Brain Rides the 'H.M.S. Steampunk' and Cinderella Pants don't help explain. Like Beiner, Zetterberg conjures the organic — there are animal and plant shapes here, or parts of animals and plants — but he does so in unexpected ways. Aspects of Cinderella Pants are distinctly cactus-like and Court of Versailles — how can that be? — at the same time. Each drawing is a distinct creation, a reference to what Zetterberg calls his "Cabinet of Curiosities," a library of documentation and visuals that serve as his inspiration. One drawing, Lake Gleak Leak, is of a bulging black plastic trash bag, or maybe Santa's sack, atop which layers of — daisies? — wilt or melt. Maybe that sack is a platypus or a sort of feminine Jabba the Hut.
His wee paintings on the west wall are meditative and lovely, even though one wonders whether they're lovely meditations of something gross or deadly on a glass slide magnified by a microscope. The paintings are all biologic, corpuscles and bones and strange plants. Stare at them like Rorschach images and watch the tiniest details — hairs, lines, follicles, unfurling leaves of a fern, dots, dots within dots, the teeniest pin prick of color — appear.